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11 Websites Filmmakers Will Find Useful in 2018

FILM FESTIVAL SUBMISSION WEBSITES (an American website) (Canadian website that everyone loves at the moment) (European website that allows you to submit films to free festivals or for one stamp, which costs 1,5 EURO)

NETWORKING WEBSITES – for networking and job opportunities

FILMMAKING AND FILM INFORMATION WEBSITES – film data, statistics – film info, tutorials, lessons – if you want to learn about screenwriting and pitching – for news – all about equipment

– – script reader and his experience reading scripts

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Indie Film School is full of practical information about filmmaking and film industry that you won’t learn about in a film school. Get instant access to:

  • 89 links to films (narrative and documentaries) distribution companies websites,
  • 95 links to sales agents websites representing feature films (narrative and documentary), 
  • 281 links to film commissions websites 
  • List of 117 short film festivals links
  • List of 82 feature film festival links 
  • Filmmaking E-books
  • Film Production Documents
  • Film Contracts

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